My Ultimate Gratitude List: C {Children:Patty} part 1

Psalm 139:14  “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”
Having children is the most earth-shattering experience a person can ever have. It can never be fully explained, defined, narrated…not unless you become a parent yourself. No amount of training can ever equip you for the hands-on experience of conceiving, nurturing and giving birth to another human being.
It hits you that your life will never be the same again….your sleeping patterns will never be normal again…that from this day on, you will be responsible for another life. Ready or not, you have to plunge into the unknown, fearful and without an owner’s manual.

My daughter’s first car.

I had my first daughter at age 27. She was a difficult baby to manage: all colicky and nocturnal. She has these weird sleeping patterns that shatters my 3 am peace with her nonstop crying. Like clockwork, and at exactly 6 am, she stops and sleeps soundly after!

She was sickly. She has fibrile convulsions whenever she has a fever.  It was the most challenging time in my life as a Mom.

Gummy bears were her friends for the first 7 years.

I have to make sure she doesn’t develop any infections (such as tonsillitis) so I have to literally not feed her chocolates and sweet candies till she reaches seven years old. By that age, she has already surpassed that stage of convulsions.

I thought good days were coming…but at age 10, she had appendectomy. Only by God’s grace and unfailing comfort did my husband and I made through those trying days. I can still remember her sedated and was on her way to the operating room. I remembered our dear Doctor and his kind and reassuring gaze that all will be well. He will do his best but we need to pray for God to guide him as he performs the surgery. This was a memory that I still find painful to this day.

During Patty’s Preview at the University

Eight years later, and many happy days in between, I had to take her to the US for College to pursue her lifelong dream to be a graphic artist/animator/ruler of the art universe something. It was a trip I did not enjoy because I know I will be leaving her there. I stayed for a month, did the “mommying” to the hilt, had many bonding moments with her that includes curling our hair, eating out and going to Walmart and Costco!

Nowadays and for the last two years,  mother-daughter relationship thrives on phone calls, Yahoo Messenger and Skype. My friends often asked: how do you do it?

Saying your all via Skype

How do you not miss her too much? Everyday that I am not with her, I gain more respect for my daughter’s ability to carry on without giving up. I became more thankful for the many blessings that includes my parents and brother who continue to take care of my daughter in the US. I learned a deeper meaning on letting go and letting God do the rest for me and my family.

I understand that my children:

  • “came through me but not from me…
  • even if they are with me, they do not belong to me…
  • that their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow which I cannot visit, not even in my dreams…” (Kahlil Gibran, On Children)
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3 thoughts on “My Ultimate Gratitude List: C {Children:Patty} part 1

  1. How loving of you to be able to “release” your child as such. The sadness that must be present along with the happiness. I can appreciate that very much. Thank you for the reminders from Kahlil Gibran on children. Truly inspirational!

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