A-Z Archive: E challenge {Elephant Island}

Elephant Island got it’s name because as any local resident will tell you, “it looks like an elephant submerged in water”.

Elephant Island in Marinduque, Philippines

{This challenge is every Tuesday and in response to E” Challenge by Frizztext }

From afar, it really looked like an elephant. (Photo credits: Adrian Tecson)

Nestled on top is the Bellarocca Island and Spa and is very popular with the tourist.

Breathtaking beauty everywhere. This is where guests lounge about and take endless pictures.

It’s obscenely beautiful out there! I’m not a beach person but this one made me rethink that maybe, it’s time….

Endless sea…perfect skies. (Photo credits: Beach Bum)

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32 thoughts on “A-Z Archive: E challenge {Elephant Island}

  1. Wow. This place is paradise. Beautiful and breathtaking. Perhaps one day, I get to see it up close. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the Philippines. Hope you can join the Weekly Image Of Life. Your blog is one of those that I admire for the inspiration that it brings.

  2. Wow. This is paradise. Just beautiful and breathtaking . Perhaps one day, I get to see this amazing place. Hope you can join Weekly Image Of Life. Your posts have so much heart to give. So inspiring. God bless you and your family.

  3. hello Magdalene,
    maybe you like to join now our N-photo-challenge

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  15. These pictures are gorgeous! Did you take them?

    My brother was stationed in the Philippines for a while and he said that it was beautiful, when it wasn’t raining. I would love to visit someday!

    • Hello Dana…these are photos from the official site of island…and wow I’m glad your brother was able to appreciate all that sun while he was here.

      Rains in the Philippines used to have a calming effect on everyone…but now, we equate rains with flooding!
      I hope you do visit us soon…!

  16. Filipino Festival

    Reblogged this on FilipinoFestival.com.

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  18. When I read “Elephant Island” I was expecting Koh Chang in Thailand! Thanks for showing me a different part of the world.

  19. Thanks for viewing it Rommel and have a great weekend with your family!

  20. Interesting! I never knew about this. Thanks for the share. Great travel pics too.

  21. Thanks for the pingback!!! Greatly appreciated! I wish I were there now enjoying the water!!! Great captures!

  22. That looks like an idyllic place to stay and very warm compared to North London at the moment

  23. Very interesting! Good one for “E”!

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