The Dogs of War

Have you come across articles and stories about these amazing dogs whose loyalty and obedience to their handlers and country are unquestionable? To see photos of these animals in training and in the war zones makes me think of my lovable Golden Retriever Jack who has a great love for comfort and fresh food.

A U.S. soldier with the 10th Special Forces Group and his dog leap off the ramp of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter during water training over the Gulf of Mexico as part of exercise Emerald Warrior on March 1.

These dogs had been serving alongside the US soldiers for more than 100 years and had seen action in the Civil War and World War 1. Only in 1942 were these dogs formally deployed in the US Army.

I jump. You jump. U.S. Navy SEAL, Mike Forsythe, and his dog, Cara jumping from 30,100 feet.

Equipped with the latest gear for protection, these dogs will always rise up to the occasion they are called for.

Goggles are a dog’s best friend.

Equipped in darkness.

“The K9 catalogue boasts an array of high-tech canine devices, from storm lights to long lines and leads to an assortment of vests — assault, aerial insertion, and patrol-SWAT — which are rated from “excellent” to “good” in protecting the animal from harm due to everything from bullets to ice picks.”

I never knew there’s even a K9 catalogue!

Infrared nightsight cameras and an ‘intruder communication system’ able to penetrate concrete walls are included in their gear.

In a British article it says: “U.S. Naval Special Warfare Group had “awarded an $86,000 contract to Canadian firm K9 Storm Inc. for the supply of ‘Canine Tactical Assault Vests’ for wear by SEAL dogs.”

Certainly not at play.

Impressive. Expensive.

Rx for health: A dog who is waiting for these men after a long day of war .

For both humans and dogs, war is ugly.We’ve come to a point where man’s best friend had to put in his own share of patriotism for the country. These dogs are more than war machines.

They represent home.

They are a lifeline of emotional support for these soldiers who are so far away from their families and friends.
They are the ties that remind you of people back home who loves you…and a normalcy that can never be as long as the sounds of guns can be heard.

I dream of a world where young men and women stay home with their loved ones and pets…safe in their homes, doing things they love and not fighting wars that they can never win.

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16 thoughts on “The Dogs of War

  1. Hi Magdalene! I featured this blogpost. Just letting you know. Hope it’s okay with you. Haven’t seen your post for a while, eh?

    • Hi Rommel! Good to hear from you! Yeah, I saw your post and it was awesome! Thanks for the feature also.
      I’ve been kinda busy but so far, I’ve posted 2 blogs this week…yay!
      Have a great week…:o)

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  3. Wow – those shots are amazing! Never considered dogs out of helicopters before!

  4. HU-WOW!!! Great great article highlighting the importance of dogs in the military. And the pictures, worthy for any military mags.

    Boy the canines really are treated like humans. Big investments, it looks more to human actually. Well, they don’t have to compensate the dogs with salary. But to train them must be costly.

    Ow magda, I added you on my blogroll. 😉

    • Thanks Rommel…glad you liked the article! I’ve read quite a lot of these amazing dogs. This article is just the tip of the lot. As for the blogroll…*yay*..and a big thank you!

  5. Wonderful post. It’s always a hope that one day war will end and everyone will be able to enjoy life with their loved ones at home. Unattainable or not, it’s always good to have a hope and a dream.

    On a side note, that is one brave pooch to be parachuting with its handler! Ours love us, but I think even they might balk at that idea!

  6. Thank you for the information. I did not know.

    • Thanks for visiting Barbara! It’s only recently that I knew about these valiant dogs and has since followed their many adventures and trainings.

  7. OMG the dog jumping out

    I was like “Oo0ooo0O.” in the beginning

    Nice posts.

    War is sad. That’s why the world never got to 3rd world war. THey realised that after nearly killing everybody on the planet.

    • Sad….and we are going to kill one another someday soon.
      We really don’t learn from our mistakes, we repeat them.

      That being said, can I wish you a happy weekend?

  8. A fascinating article and photos. Animals have been a key part of our war machine for centuries – Dogs, Horses, Elephants have taken part as combatants and deserve recognition for their services to man. In the Uk we have a medal exclusively for animals to recognise their contribution in cases of extreme valour or actions of key importance that perhaps saved human life as a result. It is the Dickin Medal and you can find out about it on Wikipedia. Interestingly, the highest numbers of recipients have been homing pigeons – often carrying information resulting in the saving of downed airmen or leading to key changes in tactics to win a battle.

    War is a sad ‘fact of life’ and has been since the origin of the human species. It is unlikely to change, especially as the pressure to coexist on our crowded planet grows. So while I agree with your final sentiment, sadly, I can’t see it happening.

    • I’ve read of pigeons being used in the war effort…elephants are a surprise, though.
      In a perfect world, there is no war…
      One can dream.

      Have a great weekend!

    • I did look up Hannibal and the more I love elephants! I hated those elephant shows my kids and I went to when they were growing up and promised myself I won’t go or support such from then on.

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