Coffee With Jesus

I was having these hazy multi-pastel dreams recently. The ones with the vagueness of a feel good movie in my head. I was having coffee with Jesus.

At Starbucks.

It was a disaster. I was blabbing too much. It was too one sided.

I prided myself in being a good listener. Who am I kidding? I talked way too much.

It’s like a dream turning into a  nightmare.

I saw this video and I knew this was me in my dream state. There are days when there’s too many things on my mind that I just dumped it all in one go before God. There I am, ticking off a mental note of  issues that bothers me, people that irks me…a killer schedule that threatens to overwhelm and then just like that, I go off somewhere, forgetting I was in a middle of prayer?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not like this. Our Lord deserves so much more. We really need to take time out of our busy schedules to go and meet God like we would meet a friend in a local coffee shop. No distractions, just a looking forward to a time alone to spend unhurriedly with Him.

I found out that waking up an hour before I do my morning routine does great with my relationship with Him. The benefit of talking and listening to my Friend does wonder to my whole day. It empowers me to do the right thing and see matters in the proper perspective.

I believe that something magical happens when we pray. It’s a sort of a dance wherein both you and the Lord hears the same music, dances to the same tune and enjoys each other as partners. It takes practice to do it right. But when we do get it, there will be no missteps nor broken tunes…it will be the dance of a lifetime.


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12 thoughts on “Coffee With Jesus

  1. Great post. Very inspiring. Loved it!
    Be blessed.

  2. Hi, Magdalene. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and make a comment. Your blog is beautiful and so interesting. It’s great that you have offered photos that tell important stories for so many people. I LOVED the video!!! Keep up the great work.
    May the Lord make His face to shine on you today!

  3. Beautiful words my friend. This I absolutely appreciated, “I believe that something magical happens when we pray. It’s a sort of a dance wherein both you and the Lord hears the same music, dances to the same tune and enjoys each other as partners. ” Prayers makes us commune with God. It makes us feel that there’s hope to all our despair. That there is goodness in all things and people. God bless you and your family always….

    • Thanks for the visit and I realized that since I have two left feet and never was a great dancer, dancing with the Lord is not as smooth as I would want to…but I’m getting there, with much practice and diligence…I can still make it!

      Take care and God bless you and yours.

  4. The Lords’ Prayer was given to us for a reason… It stops us from rambling on 🙂 The Lord already knows what we really need without us spelling it out and adding in things that we think we need! It also means that in a busy day we can fit in that quiet moment to share with him. It seems that God anticipated how busy our lives would become a very long time ago! Great post – Hope you are able to find some peace to have that conversation 🙂

    • I finally did made that conversation. He was ever gracious to overlook my inadequacies in speech and attention span…!

      Thanks for the visit and have a fab week!

  5. guilty!!!! whaaaa….I woke early today, well, its not by choice guess’ God woke me up. I told God, okay this time I will not talk, God please talk to me only to find myself talking every 2 minutes! whaaa have to practice more! I am too talkative…..God please talk to me more, audibly 🙂

  6. A very inspiring story Magdalene!

  7. LOVE this! It was as if you read aloud my spiritual mail… over coffee.
    Thank you! I love to dance!!!

    May the Lord Bless you… indeed!

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