Happy Father’s Day Fred! :o)

I will always equate my Dad with happy thoughts, loud laughter and Fred Flinstone. His name is Fred and for the longest time when I was little, I thought my dad was indeed Fred Flinstone. With Dad’s booming voice and Fred’s Yaba Daba Doos, how could I see the difference? My Dad has gigantic feet like the cartoon character of my childhood so I thought that yes, it is Him!

Fred Flinstone of the hearty laughter and gigantic feet.

My dad who is in his mid 70’s never touched a keyboard in his life, having a secretary who has done everything for him. So it was indeed a challenge for him to try and keep in touch with me using Yahoo Messenger and later on with Skype. If a man can type  60 words per minute, my dad types 60 minutes per word! It was miraculous that we had a great conversation going, thanks to Skype…no more typing!


Having a great father like I do makes me realize that it is his influence in my life that played a tremendous role in how I perceive God. Studies has shown that your image of God affects your life and faith. So my Dad who is generous, kind, loving and understanding made me see God as as such.
Growing up, I always wanted to please Daddy, not out of fear but out of love for him, never wanting to do wrong because I don’t want to disappoint and hurt him.

Now I understand the importance of Fathers in every family. Their participation in child rearing  is essential in character formation. To have a father is a blessing…to have a father who is a great one is God’s Providence.

So thank you Daddy for showing me a glimpse of God’s character by being a loving father to me. You will always be the only man who truly loved me before I was me.

Happy Father’s Day …….XoXo.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Fred! :o)

  1. You’re so blessed to have a good image of a Father! Happy Father’s Day to the 1st man in your life!

  2. Happy Father’s Day, Lolo Fred!

    Nice blog, cel…you are truly blessed to have Lolo Fred in your life 🙂

  3. I wish your dad a beautiful, happy, memorable Father’s Day. He is a great and loving man. What an inspiring tribute. Thank you.

  4. chi..it brought tears tomy eyes.

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