Weekly Image of Life: {Fun Under the Sun}

A full day enjoying the sun with family, friends and our lovable dogs!
What could be more stress-free than this?

The view from the Oblation at UP Diliman.
Photo Credit: Rose Santos

In the early morning, God showed me a blue mushroom…:o)

It was a great Saturday morning to be back in my Alma Mater in UP Diliman for a day with our dogs! The morning was just starting and there were dews everywhere. I never knew how I missed seeing all these foliage and greenery.

Walking down University Avenue.

Under the shade of trees we walked, with our furry friends and companions.

My golden retriever Jack with my nephew. Jack looked back to see if I was following!

We had to stop for some refreshment – both for dogs and humans. Beagles Oona and Kimchi are so busy looking at the local Taho vendor. Taho is a variation of  Tofu but our delicacy has undergone a “sweet transformation.”

Beagles Oona and Kimchi sniffing about and asking their Mom what Taho is.
Photo credit: Rose Santos

It was really a hot day for our dogs even under the shades of trees. My dog is Jack and my nephew’s dogs are Ally, Mighty and big boss DJ!

We love our dogs! They may be a handful but they make our lives so much healthier!

Somewhere along the way, there was a tree bearing flowers…and poor Jack just got to have flowers on his head courtesy of my daughter and Yaya Lorna.

The ultimate embarrassment for my dog Jack. Nevertheless, he accepted the “challenge” with grace.

Exhausted at noon, we finally called it a day and headed for home. The dogs were so happy!

When it was time to head home, all the dogs…and their humans were so glad!

For those who want to join the fun and adventure, grab this widget and visit the link below.


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10 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: {Fun Under the Sun}

  1. Cel, sorry that I did not get this site in time. But here I am. I am sad about Multiply going commercial. I will just put all those behind now….. and I never regretted having met you there and learning about CSS and scrapbooking. That part I will never forget. Thank you.

    Hope to see you here from this day onward. I am following the blogger still on elements. Ha ha ha.

    I am camping at :http://compassionadvocacy.blogspot.com/


  2. Love your images! You had lots of fun under the sun! Thank you for the ping!

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  4. Sure does look like a lot of fun under the sun. Good entry for challenge. Thank you for listing my blog.


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  6. So beautiful my friend. You made me feel a bit homesick. I went to UP Diliman once to take my Test for Spoken English and how I wish I ventured around the Campus. Looks like a fun, happy and adventurous day. I miss the “taho” and the local, vibrant scene. The dogs are total head turners. So adorable. Looks like they had an awesome time as well. Sun does brighten our mood and inspire us to pursue the day with excitement. God bless you and your family. Thanks.

    • Thanks for viewing the post Doc! The dogs were a handful but we really had quite a day. It was very pleasant in the early mornings but by noon, everyone was so exhausted and thirsty. Hope your family have a great week…:o)

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