Weekly Photo Challenge: {Create}

I have always loved creating art in any form. The creative process itself makes the work satisfying and meaningful for the artist. Imagine yourself without arms….

For half a century the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World (VDMFK) (registered association) has supported highly successful artists who because of a handicap or disease are unable to create their works of art with their hands and instead use their mouths or feet. Founded in 1956 in the Principality of Liechtenstein, it boasts of  about 800 mouth and foot painting artists all over the world.

Amado Binwag Dulnuan of the Philippines was born without hands and paints with his foot. Shown with his works which is a visual delight for everyone.

Born without arms and sometimes because of an accident that makes them paralyzed from the waist down, these men and women need no pity from us, only an opportunity to make their works known. They know that their God-given talent is so precious that no disability can put them down. Their quiet dignity as seen in their art work is a celebration of the human spirit.

Moses Hamilton from Kauai was in a car accident that left him quadriplegic. He now paints with his mouth and has sold countless artworks worldwide.

Seeing these gorgeous paintings makes me realize that every time they create a work of art, they rise up apart from the ordinary. Theirs is a struggle of the mind and spirit, as well as a story of triumph each time a masterpiece is born.  It is a testimony for the rest of us that what is true, noble and beautiful cannot be hidden away. It is a timely reminder for us that the human spirit is resilient. In God’s mercy and time, it will overcome.

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: {Create}

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  2. I am inspired with this post. It shows that a heart that is determined and a talent that knows no bounds can make the most beautiful creations there is. It also reminds me to appreciate every blessing I have and to take for granted the gifts God gave me. Thanks.

  3. The power of determination is so brilliantly portrayed here by these artists. You have written an outstanding post on a very difficult challenge that these artists have overcome. Very well done ….!!!!

    • Hello Isadora! Thank you for your comment! In every country, there are Association of Mouth and Foot Artists where we can buy greeting cards and lovely calendars. It makes a lovely addition to our gift giving whatever the occasion.

  4. snitch21

    painting with your mouth and toes wow! there sure is no limit to creativity! (I once tried writing with my toes and found it extremely difficult; it’s amazing how talented the people you photographed are)
    lovely pictures!

    • Drawing with hands is difficult enough…I can only imagine how difficult it is using your mouth and foot to create art!

      Thanks Snitch and have a great week…

  5. thanks for pingback 🙂
    your pic its so amazing, that can give inspiration for anyone 🙂
    thanks for sharing

  6. Very inspiring 🙂

    • Hi Nelson and thank you for the visit…I haven’t been going the “rounds” lately and have a lot of reading to catch up to, especially your blog! Expect me there….

      Have a great week…

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  12. This is a lovely entry for this challenge – thanks for sharing!

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  14. it shows you that nothing need get in your way of creating

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  16. All of these artists deserve applause for pursuing their art, using their talents, despite their handicaps. Perfect examples of courage and perserverance!

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  18. Northern Narratives


  19. Very creative and beautiful photos for the challenge. 😉

  20. of course (as a guitar player) I’m glad daily that I have hands …

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