Weekly Photo Challenge:{ A Day in My Life }

In my dreams I would be staring into a vast expanse of sky,mountain and greenery….instead I am in my typical day of life and living!I always start the day with God and my bible with those numerous cat stickies. It’s a discipline I love and it sets my day and gives me perspective of the activities ahead.

Pictures magnify what words can't.

Pictures magnify what words can’t.

Tea for breakfast and some playtime with Golden dog Jack. Then it’s time to connect myself with the world, read books in between and eat some great food. (not necessarily Mcdonald’s!)

So, how does your day go?

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:{ A Day in My Life }

  1. What a great way to start your day… God, the Bible and Cat stickers… life is good.

  2. Looks like a fun day. And the food….yummy!

  3. Great to see what your day looks like.

  4. Thanks so much for having a good nosey around my blog! Your baby boy looks beautiful too x

  5. I love the cat stickies!

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