Weekly Photo Challenge: {Up}

When things look bleak and you see despair all around, the wisest thing is to look up.

Driving along the highway one day, I did.

There was this beautiful rainbow plastered on the sky like a sure Promise of good things to come. Being a rainbow chaser, I know that this light show is different for each person that sees it. It’s true, no two observers do not and cannot see the same rainbow. Each distribution of color that makes up the rainbow is in reference to the eye of the beholder.

How fitting, isn’t it?

Have you found any rainbows of your own lately? No?

All you have to do is look up.

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28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: {Up}

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  2. Loved the rainbow….

  3. Today is my first visit, although this is my second stop. I wanted to share this triple rainbow with you, another although, it seem only two are visible. Thanks for your devise on lookin up. It’s the best, and one that I forget too often. Here’s to looking at rainbows!

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  7. hi Magdalene,
    your photos do not disappoint 🙂

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  10. Wonderful photo and write up, not often do I see rainbows where I live. Thanks for the pingback

  11. I like the angle of your picture and the pale rainbow is beautiful.


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  15. Nothing like an a colorful rainbow, an inverted smile, really, to cheer you up anytime, any day. Thanks.

    And thanks for the pingback!

  16. Thank you for the ping back.

  17. I too love rainbows, They do hold promise and bring hope.

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