Jack, Obedience and Me

My dog, Jack is a lovable and playful Golden Retriever. There is a never a dull and quiet moment when he is on one of his joyful moods. He can outplay and make any task a source for more ‘dogplay’. His energy is enormous and his love for his squeaky toy is equally huge.

Isn’t there a known truth somewhere that a dog’s personality is similar to his human? Ok, I just made that up, but I know for a fact that this dog of mine is somewhat a tiny reflection of me. Or is it the other way around?

Seeing the world through hazy eyes.

Seeing the world through hazy eyes.

A huge fan of fish, Jack relishes a meal of boiled Tilapia. Being a pescetarian, I appreciate that my dog likes eating fish. I also love sweets and much as I try not to give him a treat or two, I relent and give him a marshmallow…and some Nerds from Wonka…and some sugar cookie…

The only command that he is sure to follow is “SIT!”. But like me, he somewhat and ultimately finds a loophole. Whenever I arrive home from an errand, Jack is there waiting, ready to pounce and show me how he missed me!  I always tell him to “SIT” before he gets his huge paws on me. He does stop and sits….but then I see him dragging his behind WHILE SITTING down! Before I knew it, he’s right in front of me, looking up adoringly with his droopy brown eyes and  yes, still perfectly seated! Amazing!

How many times had I’ve been like Jack, seeking a way out when my Father in heaven prods me to a different direction, a narrower path, a difficult way than my comfort zone will allow me to be in? I sit waiting, all the while inching my way to a another direction of my own choosing.

Looking back to where I’ve been, I see the Lord’s Hands, coaxing, soothing, directing me to follow Him. There was never a time when He let go, not once, even when I turned away. In a corner, around the bend, He still waits till I get it all together. Till I finally realized that I am where He wants me to be.

Watching life pass by.

Watching life pass by.

Jack and me,

…being still for once.

we still have a lot to learn…but we are slowly getting there. We might not get it the first time, but we will keep on trying.

Eyes focused, waiting…keeping our butts in place….

we learn to be still…

till we get it right this time.

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4 thoughts on “Jack, Obedience and Me

  1. Hi … i just saw your blog and immediately followed when i saw that you are from CCF as well … it was such a heart-warming feeling to be with a sister and from the same church at that. I am April, Bob’s wife, and i am looking forward to see you soon! and hopefully, Jack as well 🙂

    • Thanks for your sweet words and it’s great to find siblings in Christ in WordPress!
      Jack sends his *woof*. I know that in time, he will be obedient enough to sit still in church and meet more people like you….!
      See you soon in Eastwood!

  2. He sounds like a real character 🙂 Love the nose with sleepy eyes!

    The saying you’re trying to remember is “People grow to look like their Pets” – though somehow I think I’m going to struggle to look like a Budgie 😉

    Anyway, it’s great to see you back posting again after a break 🙂

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