Happy Mother’s Day World!

In honor of my Mom who made me love animals!

In honor of my Mom who made me love animals!

Mommy instilled in me a love for all furry and winged creatures. I remember one pet puppy that we had, it was really chubby, and she insisted on giving it a bath everyday with Dial shampoo. Of course, it died…maybe from being overly clean that there was no good bacterial left in his body!

Then we had a pair of love birds, which I call “hate birds” behind her back. When the wifey bird died, the male was so ecstatic in being single that everytime we bought him a mate, he harassed her so much she eventually died.

Mr. Love bird proceeded to imitate the sound of Mom’s typewriter by banging his beak on his water dish. This he did everyday whenever Mom was on her typewriter writing her thesis.

Thank you Mom for giving me the opportunity to have these amazing creatures.  Even if we had weird pets, we, your children turned out right…i think.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Empress Mom and to all the Mothers all over the planet!

Don’t forget to click on this link. They provide 10 pcs. of Kibble to Animal Shelters to feed their hungry dogs (and some cats, too):


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One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day World!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom and in a way to you for being a loving parent to your pets. Wishing you all the best.

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