De-clutter in 5 Easy, No Brainer Ways

To avoid clutter, one should never start.

To avoid clutter, one should never start.

The amazing thing about clutter is that it sneaks behind you, slowly, stealthily and without warning. One or two wrong pieces here and there begins to accumulate and before  you know it, it’s a montage of strange pieces that seemed to have come from nowhere!

Based from my own habits borne out of years of trying to get out of clutter, here are my five easy ways to undo clutter before it drives you to the edge:

  • When in transit to another task, put back any object that you’ve used in its original location. When you have that book or ballpen in your hand and you suddenly have the urge to do another task, don’t make the mistake of putting those things down on any part of the house. Immediately put those things back in their proper places. That simple act eliminated the first line of clutter.

Putting things back immediately is the first step to being clutter-free!

  • In a hurry? Have a small box or basket ready where you can put out of place objects that you see. There are days when you are on the run or when you are expecting visitors in a few minutes…and you see bits of objects lying around where it shouldn’t be! If you have really mastered step 1, then  a small box is all you need to quickly put things away. You can put  them back in their proper place after company had left or when you get back home from that sudden errand.

Step 2: basket!

  • Survey your room and imagine dividing it into four distinct areas. Proceed to de-clutter a certain part of a room, putting things back into their proper places and throwing all those things that you don’t really need. Then proceed to another part of the room. In this way, your mind is focused on smaller areas and you don’t get overwhelmed in trying to figure out what to do with the entire room. The key is to focus on a particular small area that you can manage before proceeding to another.

View the entire room and divide into 4 areas.
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  • Face to face with a mountain of clutter, divide and put those objects into four piles: RECYCLABLES, KEEPERS, THROWAWAYS and FOR CHARITY. Give what you haven’t  used for six months, throw junk away, recycle things that can still be used and keep the rest of the things for yourself. It’s easy for some to do but difficult for people who tend to keep things for years in the hope that they can use them one day.  The truth is, when you haven’t used those things in less than a year, then it’s time to put that into those four piles!
A great way to group your things!

A great way to group your things!

  • Plan your purchases.  Before buying another piece of picture frame or vase, make sure you don’t have those same things lying about somewhere. Buying things in a spur of the moment is a big no-no.  Start keeping track of what you have, so  you can save your money buying things you do need.
Planning your purchases is a smart way to avoid clutter later on.

Planning your purchases is a smart way to avoid clutter later on.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” ~Albert Eintein

Now I know why Einstein is so smart!

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