Starbucks Fashion Collab!

Bearista Bear and a Tuxedo Emblazoned Tumbler by Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia (2013)

Bearista Bear and a Tuxedo Emblazoned Tumbler
by Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia (2013)

Everyone will love this latest fashion collaboration for this year’s limited edition offering by my favorite coffee giant Starbucks. I don’t think these items will be offered here in Manila but I just love the idea of a tuxedo-tutu wearing tumbler and a chic bearista bear!

This precious duo is cuter than last year’s design, don’t you think? Although I must admit that the 2012 collection was more complete with gift cards, mugs, tote bags and cup sleeves, each featuring a grey pixelated print.

Starbucks + Rodarte 2012 Fashion Collaboration

Not to be forgotten are my love for those ceramic mugs!

The limited edition traveller mug by New York based fashion designer Charlotte Ronson is one of my favorites. It shows a  woman about to fall asleep on a bed of daisies, which I found extremely charming. I know that a lot of people collect these and I can’t blame them. Drinking coffee while staring into these ceramic beauties are certainly worth it.

Charlotte Ronson Limited Edition Traveller Mug
Inspired by lazy, summer days

With Christmas fast approaching, this is the season for these great looking coffee mugs.  Every year, I can look forward to a newer and fun design. These mugs are great for gift giving and are always appreciated by both coffee and tea lovers. My nephew Alfred always gave us a new design each year.

Hmmm….I wonder what I’ll have this Christmas?

Past favorites.

Past favorites.

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