Viber SOS : How To Add Contacts Without Losing Your Mind

Viber for desktop and laptop

Viber me,baby!

I recently joined the tribe in getting Viber for my Android mobile phone and desktop. Don’t ask me why I did it, it must be the call of the majority or some practical use that I might have for it in the future. So, I have Skype, Yahoo Messenger, FB Messenger  in my phone.  Surprisingly, a lot of my friends opt for this mobile app, a far cry from the days when YM ruled supreme in cyberspace.

So there I was trying to add two of contacts from the UK and the USA to my mobile phone….and the App wouldn’t let me. It has a mind of its own! It kept on saying that my these people have to be invited! So I googled for answers and there was a lot of things to do. But then, those didn’t work and I have no choice but to find out for myself.

It seems that I have no difficulty in trying to add contacts to Viber when their mobile numbers are those used in my country namely: Globe, Sun Cellular and Smart. With  international mobile numbers, it’s quite a different story!

Why is it that my mobile phone contacts can’t be recognized at all? Here’s a step-by-step procedure on how to add your friends or relatives living outside your country:

  1. Know their COUNTRY CALLING CODESThis site will give you all you need. Look it up, it’s a lifesaver!

2.  Once you know their particular country calling codes, proceed as follows:

Exit Code When Dialing Internationally + Country Code + 10-Digit Mobile Number of your contacts

Example when you are dialing from  USA to UK:

011 + 44 + 10-Digit Mobile Number of  your contacts

The moral of the story is: Don’t forget to add the Exit Code together with the country code and mobile number of your contacts in the Viber App!

I hope this helps you as it did me…and happy Vibe-ring or something. 😀

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