When It Rains and Hatred Pours

My country, the Philippines had just been devastated by Haiyan, leaving much of the Southern part of our region a wasteland and death is everywhere. To read these kinds of defamation and hateful pieces of articles are disgusting and goes against what I hold dear. It is insulting to a people who, at their lowest is still being trampled down and humiliated.





The writer of these blogs had sadly missed the point of salvation. It is these kinds of so called Christians that gives Christianity and Jesus Christ a very bad name. I twitch, reading lines of hate in the name of  heathen name calling and “I will pray for you sinners”, all in one breath.

God in His mercy didn’t strike the whole planet the second time when His Son was crucified. He could’ve had, but it would have defeated the purpose…and the purpose was to save the lost, the mean ones, the bullies, the beautiful people, the castaways, you and me.

In writing these  blog entries, that writer had sown hatred, not love. Like the Pharisees of old, his heart is so far away from the Lord he professed to serve. Remember that it was them who were itching to cast the first stone at the prostitute. Jesus was on the other side. He was with her in compassion and saving grace.

What  he has shown is an abuse of Grace that is precious. As a professing Christian, he had not done  his part in bringing people to Jesus, in fact he had done the very opposite.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and my heart is crushed. My countrymen in those devastated areas are without food, shelter and basic necessities. Most of their loved ones are missing or dead. To write those things from your high pulpit is the height of religious hypocrisy.

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2 thoughts on “When It Rains and Hatred Pours

  1. Oh, Magdalene, I am SO SORRY that this ignorant man has written all of these hateful things. They are truly lies from the devil himself. The man obviously does not have a true relationship with Jesus Christ, nor does he know God’s Word. All the Old Testament must be understood through the light of the New Testament, and every word in the entire book must be understood through the teaching of Jesus Himself. The Word tells us that Jesus alone is the complete and exact representation of the Father God and the Godhead. In the Old Testament, God had to try to reveal Himself and His nature through symbols and types, but once Jesus came, we have the exact picture of what God is like. Jesus said when you hear Me speak, you hear the Father; when you see Me work, you see the Father.

    So, looking at what Jesus says, we find that He is very clear. He says (John 10:10) without reservation that it is only the thief that kills, steals, and destroys. But He says that all He came to do was to give abundant life. That settles the issue. Anything that kills, steals, or destroys is from the devil and the curse — not from God. It is true that we live in a cursed world, and if everyone served God, that curse would not be active, but that is totally different from saying God deliberately sent or allowed something evil to kill people. HE DID NOT. The devil and the curse in this world are behind all of this, but the devil delights in tricking people into believing it came from God. IT DID NOT. Jesus also said that God had sent Him into the world, “not to condemn the word, but to save it.” The He told us to go and do what He had done throughout His ministry. JESUS IS NOT CONDEMNING, JUDGING, OR PUNISHING. In the very last days, when God’s people are gone from this planet, then it is true that God’s wrath will be poured out on all those who rejected God, but that time is not now, and that has nothing to do with horrible storms bringing death and destruction.

    I pray for your people that they will be able to look to the Lord for love and help — and hopefully there will be many true Christians (not hypocrites like Mr. Jim Souliki) who will rush in to your native country to bring that love in very practical ways.

    I love the Philippine people, and so does God!!!!!

    • Thank you, your message has blessed me….and I had accepted that there will be people who will view tragedies differently, each in his own beliefs. But it’s still sad.

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