Restaurant Review: Ramen Cool


Everything is cool in Ramen Cool!

I first heard of Ramen Cool from my daughter Kat as this great place in Kapitolyo, Pasig City sometime this year. So my ever reliable and willing bff Rhycel and I decided to give it a try.

The place was packed with hungry families, a few dating couples and groups of officemates when we arrived. Be prepared to park on the street beside the restaurant because their parking space is suitable for just a very few cars. The guard was very helpful, taking the time to show us where we can safely park. I realized that this small area in Kapitolyo, Pasig is fast becoming a favorite dining spot for people living near and for those who just want a different and new food experience.

The interior of the place is cozy and welcoming. A bunch of Japanese pop paintings on the wall and an LCD screen playing music at the background completed the decor. In one corner was a nice painting of Sakura flowers which I appreciated and that’s where we seated ourselves.

Pop art posters on the wall

Japanese Pop Art

The menu was presented simply and it was surprising that the prices were affordable. Some dishes can be shared by two people: either both women who are not famished, on a partial food diet, an adult with a child or an adult male and female on a date. For two, normal and hungry couples, forget sharing and order individually.

Colorful food menu

Eye catching menu.

The Verdict:


(Php 230)

The serving size was good for 2-3 people and it was served hot with the usual raw egg. The beef slices were plenty and the soup was, (thank goodness) not that sweet, unlike other Sukiyaki versions I’ve tasted. They didn’t go overboard with the sweetness and the soup was tasty! There were a lot of mushrooms and big white onions plus the vermicelli was cooked just right. The food server was courteous enough to ask us if we want her to mix the egg for us and for weakness due to hunger, we readily said “yes,please!”

Sukiyaki dish with beef and egg

Sukiyaki overload!

Tuna Spicy Mayo

I was looking for something other than California Maki and found this! I loved the sauce that accompanied it. The mayo was combined with the Togarashi and a bit of Kikkoman  for a spicy sauce that you can dip the maki in. There’s still the wasabi to reckon with so just imagine the kick that all of these spices does to your senses! ( Calling the fire station…)

Delicious Maki and special sauce

Maki + Mayo + Togarashi = wow!

Cold Noodles (Hiyashi Chuka) (Php 190)

I’m fond of cold noodles and if you haven’t tried it before, now would be the time to try it. Ramen Cool’s Hiyashi Chuka uses yellow egg noodles and not the green ones that I prefer in other Japanese restaurants. The dipping sauce (as I call it) often accompanies the dish and yes, you just dip the cold noodles in and yum!

Noodles with kani, vegetables and tofu

Cold noodles with kani sticks and tomatoes. Image courtesy of foodspotting

House Tea (FREE!)

I love their house tea simply because of the container. I like that the temperature is just right and the double walled tumbler makes sure that it stays that way. Though not as good as the roasted house tea of Shinjuku Ramen House in Makati Avenue, still, it’s free and refillable and helps my tastebud appreciate all the different flavors of the food. Aids in digestion, too!

A glass of green tea with cup

House Tea

The food personnel of the restaurant are all courteous although I have to get their attention a couple of times before they came to the table.  I don’t know if they are understaffed but I do love a restaurant that is at the beck and call of their customers, don’t you? But overall, it was a great gastronomic experience for us. The food was affordable, the place is clean and it’s now on my list of favorite ramen places!


Ramen Cool is located at:

25 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig

(02) 636-0972
Business Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

Get directions HERE

Accepts cash and credit card.                    Parking: limited                      Delivery Service:  None

Children Friendly: Yes                                  Pets: Not Yet

Ramen Cool Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars!

Ramen Cool Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars!
Image from Foursquare


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