Christmas Postcript from a Reluctant Baker

The day I decided to give out goodies from my kitchen this Christmas is the time that my inner baker shouted:”at last!”
Armed with goodwill and courage, I proceeded with daughter Kat to go ahead with my once-in-a-lifetime bake fest!

The cookies at this stage are all cooperating nicely and I must remember that not all cookies bake the same. Some rotation is in order especially for an old oven like mine.

Sugar cookies are my favorite especially with button chocolates at the mid. Cookie press from Italy had been my baking companion for nearly 22 years, a gift from my Dad.

These turned out nicely although I could do with more crispness. I forgot to leave it for a minute or two inside the oven. Luckily, the last batch were crispier!


Thanks to my artistic daughter Kat, the colored sugar sprinkles were put in place using Jelly icing to make them stick.

Kat’s guitar cookie which she “sculpted” by hand!

Baking the brownies were a breeze and I did four pans of those.

I used to have a hard time cutting my brownies until I discovered…plastic knife! Yes! It’s a miracle!

Baking done, it’s time for my favorite part: packaging my babies! With help from Sweet Craft where I bought my red boxes, my kawaii side took over.

Printing my labels was done in no time at all. I just had to put some twine and there it is: the perfect yummy gift from my kitchen to yours!
Merry Christmas!



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2 thoughts on “Christmas Postcript from a Reluctant Baker

  1. These are look very delicious. A job well-done.
    Merry Christmas … Happy New Year 2014 !!!

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