Just 7 Ways to be Content


Growing older doesn’t necessarily mean growing wiser. But as I do, I learned more of being contented in my own skin, in my abilities and accepted my frailties with grace.

It’s great to be reminded that at this point in my life, I may not get everything I want, but God will make sure that I have everything I need.

1. Set your priorities. In the order of things, mine would always be God, my family and friends. Before my day officially begins, I make sure that I had my one-on-one with the Lord. Many times, I had discovered that I am more centered and collected when I know my marching orders for the day from Him. My world can crash anytime within the day but I am assured that He will pick me up in His strong arms in whatever condition I am in.
2. Stop comparing. The life of our friends will always seem to be better than ours. But we have to literally shake ourselves and realize that the source of our discontent is not their lifestyle but the state of our hearts. Envy is an issue against God. It’s questioning God’s grace and compassion showered on another individual other than ourselves. When the green monster rears its ugly head, we have to ask the Lord to remind us of His own goodness and love for us.
3. Change the message. What am I projecting in the world? Am I a follower of Jesus in name only but sorely lacking in the qualities that make me the real deal?I have learned that being a Christian is not only impossible but supernatural. Many times, I shift my eyes from the Lord and fix my gaze on something else. Constantly, I have to relearn an old forgotten hymn: “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is shifting sand.”
4. Count your blessings. A daily “thank you” can be difficult when days are bleak. But gratitude is a discipline.I have to train my eyes and spirit to see the goodness of the Lord, starting with myself. There are times I start saying “thank you” for my fingers, my toes…my nose. Yes, a mindset of thanksgiving is key and He gives that attitude of gratitude to everyone who asks for it.
5. Live passionately. Feel! It’s good to be able to live in a way that God intended us to be. A life of purpose is always worth living. Finding that purpose in the light of God’s intention for you is a key to contentment. No more restlessness, emptiness or retail therapy!
6. Find positive friends. Godly people who had seen better days and weathered tremendous storms in their lives are top candidates. They are your anchor and compass. These friends let you see beyond your vision and points you to the right direction. All the time, they keep you anchored in a friendship that encourages, edifies, corrects and loves beyond blood ties.
7. Pray for change. It’s always best to pray for a successful heart transplant. Change and contentment begins inside. Asking the Lord to help you change for the better will definitely be good for you. 💗

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