Praising God in Pain

Flowering trees

Flowers bloom in perfect season.

I am suffering from a very painful bout of shingles as I write. I plan to document the day to day struggles I am facing, as well as the tremendous expense of treatment for this infectious disease.

As a follower of Jesus, I have learned to ultimately accept the things of this life and trust in Him. Having proven His faithfulness to me, I wait for His gracious healing.

But how can I find anything worthy of Praise when my head throbs and a million pain needles dig deep in my nerves?
1. Remembering WHO He is. Jesus is constant, faithful to His promises and all powerful. It is said in the bible that Satan even asks permission from the Lord to test His followers. When He allows the sifting, it means that there is something in us that needs to be sifted. The Christ-like character that emerges from the fire is what the Lord is after.

2. Remembering what He has done in my life. When I look back at all the times when I was at my lowest point: the day my daughter suffered a convulsion and has to be taken to the hospital; the death of my beloved dog Jack or the time my husband suffered a heart attack and underwent angioplasty–my Lord was there. In my grief and brokenness, He whispers, “I AM the Lord your God. Let nothing terrify you. Is anything too hard for me?”

3. The valleys of death are still under the cloak of His protection. Nothing escapes His loving gaze. My name is written in the palm of His hands. Nothing can separate me from His love…nothing will be allowed to stand in the way of His Presence.

As I lie in bed and my body doubled in pain, I discovered within my soul, a cathedral of praise.

“Though he slay me, I will trust in Him. ” Job 13:15

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4 thoughts on “Praising God in Pain

  1. nothing is impossible when we have HIM .look at you chi shingles is the most painful attack on the nerves but as you put your faith in HIM nothing terrify you .I admire your endurance and courage to face all what you are suffering .as I quote “my grandmother is a strong woman and has a mind of her is because of her that most of her daughters are strong willed and resilient women”we all have her genes ..

    • Ophelia Miciano

      Chi, your unwavering and STRONG FAITH in HIM will always carry you through your difficult moments..You are a very strong woman with a hard core and I thank and praise GOD for that. You always stand firm and tall inspite of your pains and I LOVE you more than ever for that. Keep believing, keep praising HIM for He is faithful to His word. MAY YOU FEEL HIS HEALING TOUCH..

Hearing from all of you made my day...@))-->>>------

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