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5 Love Is…Quotes That Can Change Your Views On Marriage


Couple with heart title in the middle

Getting married is easy. Now comes the difficult part – staying for keeps.

When I was a young girl, I enjoyed clipping those adorable carton clips which featured couple Kim and Robert. Drawn by Kim Casali, a cartoonist from New Zealand in the 70’s, it never failed to make my younger version wonder: “why don’t they have any clothes?” or “what is true love?” Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge:{ A Day in My Life }

In my dreams I would be staring into a vast expanse of sky,mountain and greenery….instead I am in my typical day of life and living!I always start the day with God and my bible with those numerous cat stickies. It’s a discipline I love and it sets my day and gives me perspective of the activities ahead. Continue reading

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