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5 Love Is…Quotes That Can Change Your Views On Marriage


Couple with heart title in the middle

Getting married is easy. Now comes the difficult part – staying for keeps.

When I was a young girl, I enjoyed clipping those adorable carton clips which featured couple Kim and Robert. Drawn by Kim Casali, a cartoonist from New Zealand in the 70’s, it never failed to make my younger version wonder: “why don’t they have any clothes?” or “what is true love?” Continue reading

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De-clutter in 5 Easy, No Brainer Ways

To avoid clutter, one should never start.

To avoid clutter, one should never start.

The amazing thing about clutter is that it sneaks behind you, slowly, stealthily and without warning. One or two wrong pieces here and there begins to accumulate and before  you know it, it’s a montage of strange pieces that seemed to have come from nowhere! Continue reading

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