Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite|UP Diliman

On this road, you can see forever.... Alfred Abrajano Photography

On this road, you can see forever….
Alfred Abrajano Photography

Infinity can produce contrasting effects on (and in) us: it might make us feel 
dwarfed or amplified, afraid or empowered. It might take the form of a wide 
panorama or a zoomed-in fraction of an object. A starry sky? A sea of commuters 
on a train platform? Rows of corn in a field? No pun intended, but the possibilities 
really are endless.

Trust my nephew to come up with another great shot! His love for photography and biking/trekking/swimming all complemented each other. The result is a killer photo everytime!

This is the University Avenue of my Alma Mater UP Diliman. It never fails to bring back warm memories of good friends and happy days just walking along this long road. The line of trees are still the same, welcoming and giving us a glimpse of its colorful history. My brilliant professor planted one of those trees in his first year of teaching and he never failed to mention this information in his lectures. I remembered that in my first day as a freshman, we walked along this long stretch as a batch with Lean Alejandro as one of the student leaders/coordinators. During December, we often line up to watch the lantern parade, as well as listened to the Carillon bells play some festive Christmas carols.

When we were walking down this road, we only saw see a glimpse of what might lie ahead. It made  us hopeful, excited and reckless for a world that’s waiting for us when we leave our beloved university. Friendships, camaraderie and alliances were forged along this stretch of cobbled stones and concrete.

On this road, even in the mist and drops of rain, we can really see forever…..!

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite|UP Diliman

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  6. I love the way the rain has made the road so shiny – certainly gives a different perspective 🙂

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  11. Love that you kept the bike in the shot. Totally different effect from having just the road. Nice!

  12. I love the trees beside the road 🙂
    *Dad said he used to live here, in Agoncillo St, behind the church.

  13. I like this – the misty brightness where the road vanishes makes it.

  14. 2812 photography

    Great POV! I like this a lot.

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